Happy Valley set for a gripping finale as series two comes to a close

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An explosive, nail-biting close to Happy Valley’s fifth episode has paved the way for what promises to be a gripping finale to the second series of the gritty police drama tonight.

Last week, there was relief for John when he and Jodie received permission to charge Sean with the series of murders, but while he continued to profess his innocence, the body of another woman was found in Rastrick.

With forensics placing the woman’s time of the death at the same time Sean was in custody, could he really be the not-so Happy Valley’s serial killer?

Meanwhile, Catherine had to deal with her grandson Ryan’s newfound interest in Tommy, which Daniel guessed must be inspired by somebody at school.

And when Catherine showed Clare CCTV footage of a mysterious figure buying a Scalextric from the local toy shop, she instantly recognised faux school support worker Frances.

Earlier in the episode, Frances’ sinister shrine to Tommy and Ryan was revealed as Ryan posted a secret letter to Tommy in Gravesend Prison.

But the drama didn’t stop there and we saw a different, darker side to Neil as he brayed on the door of the Moorings Pub, Sowerby Bridge, and hurled insults through it after falling off the wagon and disappearing for three days. Where was he? What was he doing? Is there a more sinister explanation for his absence?

John’s elation that he might just be off the hook was short-lived as the murder investigation continued after the discovery of the latest body, unaware of the drama unfolding over at the Garr farm.

After waking his mum Alison in the dead of the night, Daryl confessed he was responsible for the series of horrific murders.

The devastated mother vowed to stick by her son and we saw them discussing plans to run away to America to escape the inevitable.

But as Daryl devoured his breakfast, Alison gently pointed a rifle to the back of her son’s head and the scene cut to outside the house as a single gunshot reverberated around the Valley.

In tonight’s episode, Catherine and Shaf call in at Far Sunderland farm to visit Alison and Daryl, but discover a scene of carnage when they enter the building, with Alison slumped on the dining table covered in blood having taken an overdose.

Meanwhile, Andy and Jodie begin to suspect that the person who killed Vicky Fleming could be someone on the team and as the investigation heads towards a conclusion, John’s torment increases, leading him to take drastic measures to avoid the consequences of his actions...

Don’t miss the final episode this evening, BBC One, 9pm.