Have you seen the mysterious ghost of Shibden Hall?

Shibden Hall, Halifax
Shibden Hall, Halifax

A former Scout Patrol Leader is asking if anyone else has seen the ghost of Shibden Hall, 50 years after seeing a mysterious figure.

Gordon Holmes was camping in the grounds of the historic Halifax hall around 50 years ago when he had a spooky experience.

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He was Scout Patrol Leader of the Kestrel section of the 5th Shipley, Saltaire Congs Scout Group on a trip to Shibden Hall.

"Due to being a Patrol Leader, I slept next to the tent entrance," said Gordon. "It was about 1pm when I noticed a hooded figure walking up a grass path from the lake to close by the tent.

"I called out to the figure, 'Hiya Skip', thinking it was our Scout Master. The figure stopped a few seconds and then looked at me. Where the eyes should have been, there was just dark holes, I froze and felt an icy chill!

"It then continued up the gentle slope and passed the tent. Also, I realised that when it moved, it seemed to be floating a few inches above the ground."

Gordon said he was the only Scout to see the figure as the rest of his group had fallen asleep.

The next day he asked at the hall if there were any known ghosts but was told that no one knew if there was.

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Fifty years on, Gordon decided to look into whether anyone else had shared the same experience at Shibden Hall and discovered that there had been reports of the odd ghost sighting in the past.

He said: "To this day, I have an open mind about what the figure might have been that moon-lit night."

Have you ever seen a ghost at Shibden Hall? If you have, share your experiences with us by emailing newsdesk@halifaxcourier.co.uk.