He watched his young daughter unwrap her presents. Hours later, Glynn died, aged 40

Glynn Davies and Adele Beevers, married in Las Vegas on Sept 10.
Glynn Davies and Adele Beevers, married in Las Vegas on Sept 10.

A DAD suffering a terminal illness died shortly after watching his four-year-old daughter open her Christmas presents on his 40th birthday.

Glynn Davies, of Brighouse, suffered from pleural thickening – an asbestos-related disease – which causes lung scarring.

Glynn Davies.

Glynn Davies.

He lived with his wife Adele and their daughter, Mia.

On December 23 he was admitted to Huddersfield Royal Infirmary but managed to come home to celebrate Christmas Day.

He returned to hospital later that night and died there on the 27th.

“He came home to see Mia open her presents,” said Adele.

“Now I just feel empty and my little girl has lost her Daddy.” Glynn believed his illness stemmed from his time as an apprentice electrician in Halifax when he worked with asbestos-lagged roofs and pipes around him.

In an interview with the Courier in December 2010, he talked openly about how he feared the illness could rob years from his life.

He said: “I am constantly worried and anxious I could be dying.It’s not nice, living with this.

“Some days I’m short of breath. I’m on steroids and there is no cure.”

Glynn had started feeling ill 18 months earlier with chest pains and difficulty breathing but fought on, holding down an office job. He he warned others to be wary of the risks they might have taken with asbestos in the past.

“It has been an eye-opener for me and it will be for others,” he said.

Glynn and Adele had known each other for around 20 years and were married for five.

“It has been an emotional roller-coaster,” she said.

“It is so hard watching someone suffer and when there is nothing you can do about it, it is horrendous.

“Glynn was a lovable bloke, a family man with a heart of gold and would do anything for anybody.

“He was hard-working, loving, devoted and affectionate, a best friend and my soulmate.”

His funeral takes place on Monday at 11.30 am at St Martin’s Church, Brighouse, followed by cremation at Park Wood.