Health and safety sees off the carnival floats

The parade will still go ahead, but without floats like this one
The parade will still go ahead, but without floats like this one

TODMORDEN Carnival has been forced to drop the floats from its parade this weekend.

The decision was made due to health and safety worries in previous years, according to chairman Phillip Clarke.

He said there had been no pressure from Calderdale Council to shelve the tradition but it was just “less hassle”.

He said: “It’s all down to health and safety and it’s getting a bit pathetic.

“We’ve decided to drop the floats ourselves because it’s going to happen.

“It’s getting to the stage where they’re not going to allow them any more.”

He added: “We are lucky if we get two floats these days so we decided to stop them and concentrate on the foot tableaux instead.”

The floats will not be the only thing missing from Saturday’s carnival. – there will be no Todmorden carnival queen this year due to lack of interest.

“Literally nobody applied,” said Mr Clarke.

The Carnival Queen of Great Britain, Chealsie Kay, has been enlisted instead and the event still promises to be a great family day out.

An Oriental-themed parade will wind its way around the town and into Centre Vale Park, where there will be dozens of rides and stalls.

Riders from motorbike display team Inch Perfect will be showcasing their skills, and circus workshops will also be on offer.

A tug-o’-war is also being organised and teams are being sought.

Anyone interested in getting involved, or joining the committee before next year’s carnival, should call Mr Clarke on 07778 614128 or email