90 pc of men don’t know limit

NEARLY nine out of 10 men in the Yorkshire and Humber do not know their maximum daily salt limit.

A survey by charity Consensus Action on Salt and Health (CASH) found as many as 86 per cent of the region’s men were unaware of the 6g recommended salt limit.

The survey – published in National Salt Awareness Week – examined 526 pie, mash and gravy products available and found Wetherspoon’s chicken and mushroom pie with chips or mash topped the table with 7.5g of salt – the equivalent to 15 packets of crisps.

CASH chairman Graham MacGregor said: “Cutting men’s salt intake from 10g a day to the recommended maximum 6g a day could reduce their risk of having a stroke by up to 20 per cent and of having a heart atttack by up to 12 per cent.”