A crystal clear way to tackle those stubborn facial wrinkles

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Let’s hear it for older women. Not only are we living and working longer, taking more holidays and having a more fulfilled sex life, but we are also happier on the whole with our lot.

It’s a case of embracing age and realising that kindness, humour, confidence and intelligence are just as important to looking good as having firm breasts and the perfect shape bottom.

Having said that we are not averse to helping ourselves fight the ageing process. More and more of us are changing our diets, talking up gentle exercise like walking , getting more supplement savvy , avoiding the sun, limiting caffeine and alcohol, using anti-wrinkle creams and trying out new beauty treatments. Anything really that helps us put a little spring back into our skin.

Beauty companies have been quick to launch onto this and over the past few years have come up with new, innovative, quick and easy ways for us to get tighter, firmer, brighter skin. The latest of which is Crystal Clear’s new Total Lift Facial.

Crystal Clear’s microdermabrasion treatment has been around for years and is a firm favourite with numerous celebrities including Madonna and Victoria Beckham. Minute aluminium oxide crystals are pumped onto the skin, producing a fine mist which gently breaks down the epidermal layer.

A special vacuum in the handset removes the dead skin and crystals at the same time , increasing the skin’s blood flow and giving the lymph system a kick-start. It makes skin visibly smoother, more radiant and revitalised than it was an hour before and helps fine lines and wrinkles become less noticeable too.

Now the company has brought out a Micro Lifting machine. The non-surgical treatment for ageing skin uses low level electrical currents that also work on fine lines and wrinkles, but at the same time tighten and tone sagging facial muscles and help bring a youthful fullness to facial contours.

Total Lift is a combination of the two treatments together, combined with a mini lift mask. It’s a luxury booster facial to kick start the most tired and dull looking skin and breathe new life back into your complexion. It gives you smooth, younger, lifted skin and results are immediate after just one treatment.

After trying it, friends commented on my fresh complexion and glow and said my face looked tighter and firmer, especially round my jowl area. It acts like an instant facelift and because the micro current triggers cell repair and the production of natural collagen carries on working for days afterwards.

The new facial has just arrived at Creative Beauty in Stainland, which has had a mini facelift itself in time for spring.

“We’ve updated one of our treatment rooms and given it a fresher look, but it’s the new facial everyone is raving about,” says owner Rosanna Howard who has mixed her love of beauty with her passion for interior design at Creative Beauty.

“The facial results are just incredible and it has had brilliant write-ups in the papers and women’s magazines. It’s the perfect treatment for this time of year and works like a beauty flash in that it’s a quick `pick me up’ but the results last for some time. It’s aimed at women over the age of 30,” she says.

Crystal Clear recommends an intensive course of treatments followed by regular maintenance and while Rosanna agrees with this, she believes two treatments will give women (and men for that matter) an opportunity to see excellent results for themselves.

She’s offering two treatments for £80 until the end of June. A one-off treatment is £65. Or you can book a course of 10 facials for £650 and get a further two facials free plus £100 of skincare products. Anyone who would like more details can contact her on 01422 310983.


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