Angry reaction to hospital beds cut

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Courier readers have voiced their frustration at plans which could see 80 per cent of beds cut from Calderdale Royal Hospital.

The shock report in today’s Courier shows that the Strategic Outline Case (SOC) for NHS in Calderdale and Huddersfield could create a two hospital model with Huddersfield potentially offering ‘unplanned care’ and Calderdale ‘planned care’.

This would leave Calderdale with 87 beds - down from 450 - and Huddersfield with 649 (up from around 400).

The huge reduction has sparked fierce criticism on

Here’s a selectino of readers’ thoughts:

GaryScott said: “So, an empty hospital costing US £24M pa (rising) for decades, an overall reduction in beds over both sites - and some (Craig Whittaker MP, Con, Calder Valley) are still trying to pretend this is really about “improving” services!!!”

Albert1 said: “What a set of idiots running our country, an old and past it”s sell by hospital taking majority share of patients . when we have a relatively new one in halifax ,what world do these idiots live in .and further more have they been to huddersfield hospital ? a gloomier place you couldn’t find”

SonOfMeldrew said: “Has anyone tried a regular commute to Huddersfield from Halifax, it’s a traffic nightmare, we would need an air ambulance or 2 to have a chance at still being alive in a 999 situation coming from Halifax.”

Tizzy38 said: “Our hospital has been open for nearly a decade. The service we get in Halifax could not be better, Having to go to Huddersfield can be a matter of life or death. Why fix something if its working well, but that’s typical of our society at the present time.”

HxRob said: “Who are these clueless idiots that are paid a lot of money to come up with this garbage. Have they even seen Huddersfield’s hospital? As Spudders comment below, Halifax RI is a new “state of the art” hospital with the only thing letting it down being parking and our illustrious councils’ stance on parking.

“What with this and the nurses union saying they should go on strike because they are getting the same wage rise as pretty much the rest of the working population, the decline of this country is starting to accelerate at an alarming rate, especially within the NHS”

Spudders said: “So we get a new hospital and nearly a decade later they want to mothball wards, they did that with the mental health unit within a few years of the Dales opening, total waste of money and yet again the people of Calderdale lose out- I won’t even begin on the complications of families having to travel to Huddersfield on a less than ideal bus service!!!!!”