Aqua family does it again

Proud dad Ian Judd is pictured with daughters Megan and Rebecca.  'Photo by Roger Moody
Proud dad Ian Judd is pictured with daughters Megan and Rebecca. 'Photo by Roger Moody

Rebecca Judd has become one on the youngest qualified scuba divers in the UK.

She gained her Ocean Diver qualification from the British Sub-Aqua Club just days after her 12th birthday.

Rebecca Judd.  Photo by Roger Moody

Rebecca Judd. Photo by Roger Moody

Her sister, Megan, passed the same test at the age of 12-and-a-half.

Proud dad, Ian Judd, 47, who works in the chemical industry, says Rebecca is obsessed with diving and is looking forward to a July club trip to Malta.

He said: “She has done exceptionally well and we are very proud of her. She started after her sister, Megan, wanted to have a go at diving when she was 12. In fact that’s how I got into diving myself.

“I was taking Megan to the pool for try-dives and then training and Rebecca was always wanting to get in herself. We joined the Bradford branch of the BSAC and have been active members ever since.

“In fact both Megan, who is now 15, and myself are currently qualified Sports Divers and should both qualify as Dive Leaders soon, certainly before the summer’s out.

“Megan won the club’s Diver of the Year award for 2011.”

“Our Diving Officer, Mick Barraclough, who is also the club chairman, really helped and worked with Rebecca to get her through her Ocean Diver certificate.”

He added: “Currently, Rebecca is almost certainly the youngest BSAC diver in the UK. She did her first open water dives in Capernwray, near Morecambe, and Eccleston Delph near Chorley.

“As a family we are all going on a club trip to Malta in July. Rebecca will then get a real taste of what diving is all about.”

Rebecca said she was really thrilled and excited after passing her Ocean Diver qualification.

She said: “It felt really good. I was a bit nervous before we got into the water but I know my trainer, Mick Barraclough, really well and trust him. He really looked after me and took his time.

“I’m really looking forward to going to Malta and I can’t wait to go diving with dad and Megan. My mum, Kate, doesn’t dive in fact she gets a bit nervous and always tells us to text when we are out of the water after a dive. I think she wants to know we are still alive!

“One of my teachers, Mr Farr, is a diver and a member of Halifax branch of BSAC and he told me he was very impressed that I am now qualified.”

She added: “Dad and mum have bought Megan and me all our kit to make sure we are safe and warm. My drysuit is black, I did want a pink one but it wasn’t in my size.

“I am really proud of being a qualified Ocean Diver and want to dive as much as I can and get as many qualifications as I can too.”

Mary Tetley, BSAC chief executive, said Rebecca was a credit to the organisation and a fine role model for other youngsters considering the sport.

She said: “It is very encouraging to hear of the enthusiasm and enjoyment which Rebecca clearly has for diving and it is a wonderful sport for young people to take up.

“Not only is it great exercise and a terrific way to meet new people but I also think it teaches responsibility, respect for others and gives a young person a terrific goal to aim towards.

“Rebecca has reached her goal very quickly and I will look forward to hearing how her training and development continues.”

Bradford Sub Aqua Club Chairman and Diving Officer, Mick Barraclough, says Rebecca was the perfect student.

He said: “She started out snorkelling as she wasn’t old enough to dive. However, she watched her sister Megan with some envy and was obsessed with having a go and learning herself.

“Both Rebecca and Megan are a credit to their mum and dad and we are very proud and pleased they are members of Bradford Sub Aqua Club.”

Mick, who is a retired local government officer, says the club is now thriving with around 70 active members from all walks of life.

He said: “We have our own club house and use the pool at a local school. As a club we decided we would organise regular dives every other weekend right throughout the year which is what we have done.

“All our dives are full and we have a really progressive and active membership and that’s not bad for a sub aqua club that’s 90 miles from the sea! We have members who are police officers, businessmen and women, labourers, in fact a real cross-section of society.

“And so long as we continue to attract families and young divers such as Ian, Megan and Rebecca, then we are moving in the right direction. No doubt about it.”

Do you and your family want to learn to scuba dive? Contact the Bradford branch of BSAC on 07575 253311 or email