Bedside vigil after tot falls ill in Benidorm

Noah Calcott fell in when on holiday in Spain and faces 14 months of chemotherapy.
Noah Calcott fell in when on holiday in Spain and faces 14 months of chemotherapy.

What should have been a dream holiday for a Halifax couple and their son turned into a nightmare when the toddler was diagnosed with a brain tumour.

Rhada Mohamed, 25, was on holiday in Benidorm with partner Paul Calcott, 27, and his mother Debbie Calcott, when 13-month-old Noah fell ill.

Ms Calcott said: “We couldn’t wake him up and that was when we took him to hospital. He was just really limp and lifeless. We were saying ‘wake up’ but he was just unresponsive.

“It’s a nightmare. It is on all the family, you just feel so helpless, you’d take it away from them in heartbeat if you could,” added the grandma.

Since they have returned to their Wheatley home last month Noah has had a 22-hour operation and faces chemotherapy every two weeks for the next 14 months. Ms Calcott said: “They cannot guarantee, it is 50-50, but it hopefully will keep the tumour at bay to give him more time.

"If the tumour does back they will be in position to do more leading up to his third birthday when he will be able to have radiotherapy.”

Mr Calcott and Miss Mohamed have been forced to give up work to hold vigil at their son’s bedside and care for Noah.

Ms Calcott has set up a Crowdfunding page to try to raise money for the couple to makes ends meet while their son undergoes his treatment.

She said: “I don’t want them to worry about how they will pay for the diesel to get to the hospital, and eat, and pay the bills, so the fundraising is an interim to help them out until they can sort out their finances.

“This is to tide them over until they can get things sorted properly.” The page, written from the first person perspective of Noah, concludes: “If you can help Mummy and Daddy with anything at all I will promise to draw you a picture when I get better.”

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