Calderdale Royal Hospital could lose 80 per cent of its beds

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A shock report in today’s Courier shows that up to 80 per cent of beds could be lost from Calderdale Royal Hospital.

The Strategic Outline Case, which has raised fears over the future of the A&E department, also shows that the number of beds could fall from 450 to 87.

The suggested proposal is for a two hospital model with Huddersfield Royal Infirmary providing unplanned care and Calderdale Royal Hospital offering planned care.

Under the proposed model Huddersfield would have a total of 649 beds.

Reacting to the staggering figures Labour group chair Coun Megan Swift said: “When the plans first became public, the headline story was about the proposal to close Accident and Emergency in Calderdale and move IT to Huddersfield. This has already caused a huge amount of public debate and anger.

“Now we’ve had time to study the full report, which has finally been made available, it is clear that the changes are even more far-reaching than most of us would have realised.

“As I see it, the proposal is for AN Acute and Emergency Specialist Hospital to become the major part of hospital provision across Calderdale and Huddersfield, with over 600 beds, leaving a second Specialist Hospital to play a far more limited role, with less than 100 beds”

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