Cigs, TV and cider in bed ..the last days of Graham

A SOCIAL worker has told of his sorrow at the death of man who spent his days in bed, chain-smoking, watching TV and sipping cider.

Carer Wayne Siddal said of Graham Balwdin, 61: “He was quite a character. He chose to live that way.”

Mr Baldwin, a former nurse, of Wells Court, Boothtown, Halifax, died of self-neglect, an inquest decided.

Mr Siddal said: “He was constantly sipping cider and chain-smoking. He was happy to be watching TV, lying in that bed, drinking, smoking and eating very little.

“He had extremely poor personal hygiene. There were many opportunities presented to Mr Baldwin which he just didn’t take up.

“We couldn’t forcibly remove the man from his home.”

He added: “I was very sad when I found out he had passed away.”

The inquest heard Mr Baldwin lived in filth and died in Calderdale Royal Hospital from sepsis, caused by pressure sores.

Care staff who called on him described a “putrid smell” when they went inside. Claire Gill, from Calderdale Care and Share, said: “I could not believe what I witnessed there.”

She said Mr Baldwin was lying in soiled sheets and there was more dirty laundry in bin bags.

Colleagues told her local launderettes had refused to allow them to wash his laundry there.

And she said when she and colleagues tired to clean Mr Baldwin, he swore at them.

Social worker Diane Robertshaw said: “What was important to him was being able to drink and smoke. He knew he was putting his life at risk but said he wasn’t bothered.”