Colleagues rally for colleague’s poorly daughter

Bob Allsopp.
Bob Allsopp.

Staff at Tesco in Sowerby Bridge have rallied to raise money in honour of a colleague’s daughter who is battling bone cancer.

Night manager Bob Allsopp’s daughter Sarah Bullock, 13, is currently undergoing intensive chemotherapy, and faces losing her leg, after the devastating diagnosis just before Christmas.

Sarah Bullock

Sarah Bullock

In tribute to her bravery, Mr Allsopp’s colleagues aim to raise £8,000 for Cancer Research UK - and are well on their way already.

A fund-raising day saw staff dress up as their heroes and Christine Goodey, who works in the staff canteen, shave off her long blonde hair for the cause .

Mr Allsopp, who lives in Gomersal, said doctors kept putting an ache in Sarah’s knee down to growing pains - before she was referred to a physiotherapist last year.

It was while she was on her way to a physiotherapy appointment that Sarah slipped and fell - leading to the diagnosis.

He said: “She hurt the leg that was bad and was taken to Bradford Royal Infirmary where they X-rayed her.

“The doctor said there’s something wrong with her leg - either a severe bone infection or cancer. So the next day they did an MRI and a CT scan. It came back that she had a large tumour in her left thigh inside her bone. Her knee cap had been totally destroyed by it.”

Sarah was initially treated at a specialist cancer unit in Birmingham before starting a 26-week course of chemotherapy at Leeds General Infirmary.

Mr Allsopp said: “It’s really intense going at the minute - she’s really poorly.

“They have said that she needs a new knee and will put pins and plates in her thigh. But if it’s not strong enough then they might have to remove her leg, but that’s a last resort.

“They’ve X-rayed her again and the tumour has actually broken the bone.

“She’s been extremely brave. For a 13-year-old girl, she’s so mature about what she’s going through. She really is taking it on the chin. I don’t think she realised who bad the treatment was going to be until she started it. She does her best to cope with it the best way she can. She’s got good friends and family around her that are there supporting her.

“She’s very popular, very bubbly and has lots of friends.”

Staff at the Tesco store have raised £6,300 for the charity so far this year.

Mrs Goodey raised £1,115 through her headshave alone. She said: “I had heard Sarah was more concerned about losing her lovely long hair than the potential of losing her leg. This struck a deep cord with me. People were saying I was brave to do it - but I was choosing to do it, rather than patients who are having really aggressive treatment in order to survive, who don’t have that choice.”
The store also held a another fund-raising event for Valentine’s Day with a cake stall, tombola, raffle and flower wrapping. Store manager Jen Donald said: “I’d personally like to thank Christine and all our colleagues and customers who helped raise this fantastic amount.”