Consultant’s aim for family friendly help

Liz Wilson, family support worker for Dimenions
Liz Wilson, family support worker for Dimenions
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A new consultant to help families of people with learning disabilities and autism has been appointed at support provider Dimensions.

Liz Wilson, of Hebden Bridge, will cover the north of England in her new role supporting families for the not-for-profit organisation.

Liz grew up with her brother and cousins, who have learning disabilities, and her 15-year-old daughter has Downs Syndrome.

Being a family carer herself means Liz has a wealth of understanding, knowledge an empathy which will help in her new position.

She said: “I’ve seen a lot of changes in social care over my lifetime and know personally how this has affected our family and others.

“The one thing which hasn’t changed is the love, dedication and astounding resilience that families have - regardless of the changing attitudes, laws and support available for our loved ones.

“I’m looking forward to working with families to make sure that everything Dimensions does is ‘family friendly’.”

Liz will be developing a family charter, detailing Dimensions’ commitments to families, working on staff training and working on regional family forums.

She will be listening to families to improve and change the suport and services Dimensions’ provide.

The organisation supports more than 2,500 people across England and Wales.

Liz will be responsible for making sure the views of families in the area are represented within the wider social care organisation.

This new role means people’s views and vailues will help plan support across the wider organisation.