Council helps people to live at home . . .

THE council has made inroads into the waiting list for improving properties to help elderly and disabled people.

Two years ago, there were more than 400 people waiting for stair lifts, baths, showers, grab rails, ceiling hoists and kitchen alterations.

The number has steadily reduced to 252 this month, according to Calderdale Council’s head of housing Mark Thompson.

The council spends about £1.5 million a year through the Accessible Homes Agency on measures to make life easier for vulnerable people with adaptations and sometimes relocating them.

Work is carried out after expert input from occupational therapists and self assessment.

Most referrals are for adults while those for children are generally more complex and expensive, according to report by Mr Thompson to the economy and environment panel.

Often people receive a grant towards the cost of the alterations but sometimes have to pay the full amount.

Three grants worth more than £20,000 were awarded last year and 55 for under £3,000.

In addition to the major adaptations, nearly 1,800 minor improvements are carried out each year at a total cost of about £100,000.