Councillor critical of MP’s stance on A&E

Coun John Hardy
Coun John Hardy

A row has broken out between a Skircoat councillor and Labour MP for Halifax Linda Riordan over the future of our A&E.

Coun John Hardy (Con, Skircoat) wrote to Mrs Riordan asking her to retract some of her claims about the Government’s position on local A&E provision.

Coun Hardy said: “I referred to statements made in the Halifax Courier claiming that the Government wants to close the A&E in Calderdale if they get re-elected to Government in May.

“I sent this as a Member of the People’s Commission and pointed out that no decision had yet been made by the CCG who are responsible for decisions not the Government.

“I also pointed out that year on year more money has been poured into the NHS, not reduced.

“I stated her facts were untrue and that is not the Government’s policy, but policy by the Calderdale & Huddersfield NHS Foundation Trust and the CCG.” he said.

Coun Hardy has asked Mrs Riordan to produce evidence to back up her statements.

He said: “I have asked her to withdraw these misleading statements which are at best disingenuous and at worst dishonest.”

Linda Riordan, Labour MP for Halifax, responded to Coun Hardy saying that she would continue to campaign against any proposals that put the level of local A&E services at risk.

Sesaid: “My position is clear - I am campaigning to save our A&E from closure to ensure it continues to be in Halifax for Halifax.

“The position of local Conservatives is now very unclear - do they want the A&E in Halifax to stay open, as it is where it is, or not?

“Nationally, the Conservative-led Government has ‘ruled nothing out’, so clearly closing the A&E is an option.

“ So, rather than writing to me, local Tories should be writing to their own health minister to get some answers.

“In the meantime, I will go on speaking up for the people of Halifax who are saying loud and clear ‘hands off our A&E’.”