Family from Lightcliffe hit by cervical cancer campaigning for earlier testing

Faye (right) with her cousin Rebecca
Faye (right) with her cousin Rebecca

Family and friends of a young woman battling cervical cancer are campaigning to have the age limit for testing lowered.

Faye Chapman, from Lightcliffe, was just 24 when diagnosed and her condition was missed because women have to be aged 25 to qualify for NHS screening.

Faye is now 27 and battling for her life. She has joined the call for a lower age limit to help stop other young women being struck down by the deadly disease early in life.

She is supporting the Mercedes Curnow Foundation which last year delivered 122,600 signatures to 10 Downing Street seeking action in the fight against cervical cancer in young women.

She has the support of all her family who are helping her through her illness and raising awareness of the condition.”

“I feel really strongly that more should be done about cervical cancer in young women - what about the next generation? said Faye’s cousin Reb ecca Culpan, 29.

Faye is the only child of Richard and Eileen Chapman, of Lightcliffe.

She is currently in Huddersfield Royal Infirmary and receiving pain relief having had extensive medical treatment.

She has written about her ordeal and the heartache of being given the all-clear in September 2010 only for the cancer to return.

“The realisation I would never have my own home or my own family was extremely hard to accept, until I was told I was uncurable, now my only focus is surviving as long as possible,” she wrote.

“This should not be happening to young women, especially when all it takes is a quick test at your GP.”

On Sunday a six-mile sponsored walk sets off from outside The Brown Cow at Gibbet Street, Halifax, to Hebden Bridge to raise money to fund private treatment to help Faye.

Her cousins Rebecca and Sue Culpan are among those doing Sunday’s walk.

Those taking part have been asked to wear teal which is the colour of the cervical cancer awareness campaign.

The Mercedes Curnow Foundation For the Early Detection of Cervical Cancer is a not -for-profit organisation aimed at raising awareness of cervical cancer and helping to achieve early diagnosis of the disease in young women.For more information visit