Follow these simple rules and you’ll breeze the bad weather ...

Yoga instructor Adele Wills, who is starting classes at Copley Cricket Club.
Yoga instructor Adele Wills, who is starting classes at Copley Cricket Club.

Do you feel your energy levels start to fizzle when the dark, cold nights come upon us?

Do you lack the motivation to maintain your yoga practice when you could get cosied up in front of the fire with a hot chocolate? If this rings true for you, read on!

Most of us tend to go into a mild hibernation in these colder, darker months. Our ultimate goal is to seek comfort, and it’s our energy and activity levels that take the hit.

The impact is significant as we tend to look after ourselves less, feel lethargic and heavy, eat more treats, and even self-confidence can start to dwindle.

It’s a tough cycle to break, and one which takes a great deal of self-will to overcome. But with a regular yoga practice you can maintain your inner glow all through the autumn and winter months and sparkle in the darkest of days.

I want to share three secrets to help you find your inner glow:

1. Yoga makes you happy

Through its sequence of asanas (postures), yoga both re-energises and relaxes you. As a physical activity it releases endorphins and helps alleviate low moods and depression. As a relaxation therapy, it also calms your mind and improves insomnia.

2. Yoga breathing re-energises you

Breathing not only oxygenates the body, re-energising you and keeping your brain alert, it also makes up 75 per cent of the body’s detoxification process. If you practice deep ‘belly breathing’ during yoga (where you take deep breaths which raise the abdomen, rather then shallow ones which raise the chest) then you will take in a lot more oxygen. This detoxifies the body and supplies the brain with a good amount of oxygen, preventing mental sluggishness, negativity and depression.

3. Stay positive

Yoga increases your mental alertness, focus, and your sense of being alive. The physical aspects of yoga are a platform for the mental aspects. They can raise your self-esteem and energy to keep you motivated. Meditation strengthens the parts of your brain that are associated with happiness and relaxation, and weakens those involved in stress.

So whether you’re enjoying your practice at home or in a guided class, let your yoga practice keep you zinging through the dark months ahead. Whilst others hibernate, you can let you inner glow radiate into sunshine.

Namaste, Adele x