Golden moment a couple never thought they’d see

Golden wedding anniversary'Margaret and Peter Todd
Golden wedding anniversary'Margaret and Peter Todd

Peter Todd was told he had little more than 12 months to live when he was diagnosed with cancer.

But the father-of-three has defied the odds – and six years on he and wife Margaret are celebrating their golden wedding, an event they never expected to see.

Peter and Margaret Tood on their wedding day

Peter and Margaret Tood on their wedding day

“I feel absolutely fine,” said Peter. “I have good and bad days but I have survived at least four times longer than what doctors gave me.”

It was in 2005 that Peter was diagnosed with terminal prostate cancer. But today he’s in great shape – something he puts down to a diet heavily laced with blueberries.

He drinks blueberry punch ordered from an internet website and serves up a good helping of the superfruit on his cereal every morning.

“When I asked the doctors about my likely life expectancy they estimated between 12 and 18 months at the outside.They said they could only be guided by my medical condition. I must be one of the lucky ones,” he said.

“My wife, Margaret, and family have been great and have got me through. A positive attitude is also important. You have just got to get on with your lifet.”

The couple married at Bridge End Congregational Church, Rastrick, after they met at the Royal Oak Hotel while they were both out with friends.

“I persuaded one of my friends to go over and asked her out for me. Things just went on from there,” said Peter.

Margaret was born and bred in Rastrick and attended Carr Green Primary School and Rastrick Common School.

Peter was born at Bridge End but at three his mother died and he was sent to an orphanage until he was 12.

“I had three brothers who went to the orphanage with me but my sister was adopted.

“When we were 12 we came home and I attended Rastrick Common and passed for Halifax Technical College,” he said.

The couple both worked at Walshaw Drake’s Mill, Rastrick, where they spent the majority of their working lives.

Peter retired at 65 and Margaret at 53 after she was diagnosed with bladder cancer which was dealt with soon afterwards.

The couple have three children – Rebecca, Simon and Rachel – and six grandchildren.

They all attended a family meal at Pennine Manor, Outlane, to celebrate.

Peter said their strong marriage was down to understanding each other.

“Our family has been our life. We love spending time with them.”

Margaret added: “We enjoy life and are thankful we are still able to do what we can.”