Halifax kebab shop shut down after more than 3,000 cockroaches found in kitchen

Naz's Kebab and Grill Centre
Naz's Kebab and Grill Centre

A Halifax kebab shop has been shut down after more than 3,000 cockroaches were found in its kitchen.

Environmental health officers from Calderdale Council slapped a temporary hygiene emergency prohibition notice on Naz’s Kebab and Grill Centre after making the grim discovery.

They then made an application at Calderdale Magistrates Court to have the shop, on the corner of Thomas Street South and Hopwood Lane shut down until they were satisfied there is no risk to public health.

Mark Thompson, Calderdale Council’s head of housing and environment, said: “Calder Magistrates Court has granted the council a hygiene emergency prohibition order against Naz’s Kebab and Grill Centre, Halifax.

“The court was satisfied that there was an imminent risk to public health, due to an extremely heavy infestation of German cockroaches at the premises.

“The business had started to take pest control measures at the premises, however the infestation was so heavy that the measures had minimal impact on the risk to public safety.

“During a period of six days it was estimated that over 3,000 cockroaches had been caught in the kitchen alone.

“The council’s environmental health officers served a hygiene emergency prohibition notice to limit the risk to health. The notice closed the business until an order could be obtained from the court.

“The hygiene emergency prohibition order closes the premises until the council is satisfied that there is no risk to public health.

“It is vital that businesses maintain preventative measures – pest control or effective cleaning – to safeguard the public’s health.”