In memory of our dear son

The late Joseph Salmon, who died aged three
The late Joseph Salmon, who died aged three

A CHARITY which offers financial help to familes where a child has died has expanded into Calderdale.

The Joseph Salmon Trust was set up by Neil and Rachael Salmon after the sudden death of their three-year-old son Joseph in 2005 of steptococal pneumonia.

The charity helps alleviate the financial pressures on families when a child dies, such as funeral costs or the £2,000 - £5,000 average price for a headstone.

Mr Salmon, 34, of Marsh, Huddersfield, said: “Losing a child is not something you think about until it happens and then you don’t realise how every part of your life is altered forever.

“A big cause for concern is paying for the funeral immediately and for a headstone or time off work.

“Some people never feel they can return to work. It’s a big financial burden and there’s very little help out there. We’re the only charity of its kind in the country.

“We’re not making things any better. It doesn’t get any better. We’re just trying to help with some of the added burden at a time when you have enough on your mind.

“It’s difficult every time you get a phone call from someone who’s lost their child that week. It brings it all back, you really feel for them.

“But we get so many tearful phone calls and letters where we have helped people. There’s no possible way we could ever stop doing this because it’s so needed.”

The charity helps about 15 families every year in Huddersfield alone, where it is based, but now hopes to help more Calderdale families as well.

Mr Salmon said: “Any families who have lost children and need some financial help can get in touch. There’s no time limit with it. If someone has lost a child two years ago and haven’t been able to buy a headstone, we can help them. We are flexible.”

To contact the Joseph Salmon Trust phone 01484 506249.