Inquest records 40-year-old died of natural causes and not from asbestos exposure

Glynn Davies
Glynn Davies
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A DAD who believed he was suffering from an asbestos-related disease died of natural causes.

Coroner Professor Paul Marks recorded the verdict at the inquest of Glynn Davies, of Brighouse.

He had battled ill-health and came out of hospital last Christmas Day - his 40th birthday - to watch his four-year-old daughter, Mia, open her Christmas presents.

He was readmitted later that day and died on December 27.

Mr Davies had started suffering chest pains two-and-a-half-years previously and been diagnosed with pleural thickening which causes lung scarring.

In a written statement from his wife, Adele, read at the Huddersfield inquest, she said his condition was attributed to asbestos exposure while working as an apprentice electrician.

He sought legal advice and a specialist asbestos compensation solicitors took up his case.

But, Dr Richard Knights, a consultant who carried out the post mortem, said his condition was not linked to working with asbestos.

He said Mr Davies had acute respiratory distress syndrome and inflammation of lung tissue and a background of pneumonia.

“Not attributable to prior asbestos exposure,” said Dr Knights.

Coroner Marks said there was a disparity between the respiratory illness and what was found at autopsy but radiology treatment was not tissue specific.

“I accept Dr Knights’ view of death by natural causes,” he said.

“This is a very sad case and whatever the verdict it does not preclude further action by interested parties in such as the civil courts.”

Mr Davies was brought up in Illingworth and had been with Adele for 20 years. They were married for five.

In an interview with the Courier in December 2010, he spoke of his fears that his illness would rob years from his life.

“I am constantly worried and anxious I could be dying,” he said.