Join in my FIVE day health and fitness challenge

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If you are like many of the hundreds of people who join gyms, but then struggle to keep motivated and focused, then online support groups could be the key!

The use of social media has rapidly increased over the last few years, and what with many people now using Facebook, Twitter plus numerous others every day, this can be a great way to find something to suit you!

Recently there has been the launch of the 30 day Squat challenge. Many of my members plus all their friends have created a group, each supporting and motivating one another to complete their challenge each day!

Plus many other challenges and groups are popping up all over the place..... The Seven-day Abs Challenge, five-day Press Up Challenge.... You name it and sometime, somewhere it is been done!

So what makes these groups so popular?

For one, it’s the feeling that you are part of something. Working together as a group to reach an end goal!

Helen Smith HS Fitness

Helen Smith HS Fitness

You also feel a sense of responsibility to the others within the group. So if you don’t complete your daily challenge, you not only let yourself down but the other members too!

It’s almost like having an accountability to everyone else working alongside you and you don’t want to let them down.

These online fitness groups can be fantastic if you are someone who struggles to get out to the gym due to childcare issues, working shifts, if you are self-conscious or shy.

It can be a great stepping stone to get you on your way in your new fitness regime.

And next time you hear your friends talking about the challenge they are doing, don’t be afraid to ask about it.

The biggest step is the first step to get started, all the next steps are baby ones.

I have put together a great five-day challenge for you to start from tomorrow, Saturday, May 4.

You can either do this at home, work, and at any time of day which suits you.

You can also join our Facebook challenge group by contacting me on facebook on the HS Group Fitness page.

Make sure you warm up each day for five to 10 minutes beforehand, marching on the spot, jumping jacks, brisk walk or light jog to warm up all the muscle groups. And don’t forget to cool down and stretch afterwards.


1. 20 Press Ups ( half ones on knees, full on toes. Back straight, hips and abdominals pulled in). Be aware of lower back pain.

2. 20 Squats ( feet shoulder width apart, back straight, chest high)

3. 20 Jumping Jacks (both arms and legs)

4. 20 second Plank - on knees or toes. Drop into knees if lower back becomes painful.Do not let back arch or hips sag)


1. 30 Press Ups

2. 30 Squats

3. 30 Jumping Jacks

4. 30 second Plank

Continue each day , increasing the number of repetitions by 10 each day

Until day five, you are completing 60 of each.

You can break the number of repetitions into small groups, two sets of 30 or three sets of 20.

Have fun. And remember to keep in touch via our Facebook page, HS Group Fitness or twitter Group_hs.

For more information on HS Group Fitness go to or contact Helen on 07792 795833 - email

Happy exercising!