Mum gives birth on the floor - again!

Vicky Gabbitas, Smith House Drive, Brighouse, with her new baby Evie.
Vicky Gabbitas, Smith House Drive, Brighouse, with her new baby Evie.

A YOUNG mum has given birth on the floor at home – for the second time.

Vicky Gabbitas, 28, couldn’t get help soon enough and had baby Evie on the bathroom floor.

Six years earlier, she gave birth to her first child – Aydan Jae – on the floor in the kitchen.

Vicky told the Courier: “I was crying, saying ‘I can’t believe this is going to happen again!’”

The drama began for the young mum and her partner Alan Dines, 23, after Vicky’s waters broke at 8.30pm at their home in Smith House Drive, Brighouse.

She called Calderdale Royal Hospital and staff asked her to go in for a check as the midwife was too far away.

Vicky was sent home after a check-up and said: “I thought it would be a while yet.”

They were joined by Vicky’s mum Diane and friend Sherie Mellor and around midnight put on a film to pass the time.

But then her contractions came faster and stronger and Vicky got into the bath at 2.30am to ease the pains.

Minutes later baby Evie was on the way and Vicky hopped out of the bath.

She said: “I was very worried because I could feel it was the same as last time. I just kept thinking ‘Not again – not until the midwife comes’.”

Sherie dialled 999, the operator gave emergency instructions and Sherie passed them on to Vicky’s mum, who delivered the 7lb 13oz girl with Alan’s help just after 3am.

When Evie emerged she was blue and Sherie and the family kept Vicky calm until paramedics arrived minutes later.

With son Aydan Jae, Six years ago Vicky was sent home from hospital after being told she had around 24 to 48 hours to go before she gave birth – then had Aydan Jae on the floor of the kutchen

Sherie, 26, who works with Vicky at Peter David Properties in Halifax, said: “I didn’t expect I’d be helping to deliver a baby when I went round.

“I was concentrating on not looking panicked but my hand was shaking so much as I held the phone.

“I was running on adrenalin. It wasn’t until the paramedics came and the cord was cut that I started to freak out,” said Sherie.

Sherie will now become godmother to both Aydan Jae and Evie.

She said: “She’s absolutely gorgeous. She has so many of her brother’s facial expressions. She’s very, very cute.”