Mum’s pride as her ‘miracle’ babies turn 18

Twins Ryan (left) and Luke Moody with mum Amanda Jenkins.
Twins Ryan (left) and Luke Moody with mum Amanda Jenkins.

Miracle twins who survived against all odds - after being born at 24 weeks - will turn 18 tomorrow.

As reported in the Courier in 1995, Ryan and Luke Moody re-wrote the textbooks when they were born three months early, weighing just 1lb 14oz each.

They pair were critically ill when they were born and spent months in intensive care and the special care baby unit at Leeds General Infirmary and later in Halifax.

Now the pair are set to celebrate their milestone birthday on January 5.

Amanda, now 43, of Holmfield, recalled those agonising first few months: “It was a terrible time. I thought I was going to lose my babies. Given that the technology back then wasn’t as good as it is now.

“So it’s just amazing seeing them at 18. They are little miracles. Well, big miracles now.”

Both Ryan and Luke have hydrocephalus - where fluid has to be drained from their brain and spine - and cerebral palsy but proud mum says they are her “happy, amazing boys”.

Luke goes to Ravenscliffe High School and Ryan is studying animal care at Calderdale College on a one-to-one basis.

Amanda said: “They are real characters. Ryan loves his animals and Luke makes you laugh - he’s a joker and loves his music and playing Uno.

The boys, along with their older brother Ross, 18, helped Amanda through a trying time herself when she battled breast cancer in 2008.

She said they were on hand with “cuddles every day” and kept her strong.

Amanda added: “I just want other parents out there that are having children so early that there is hope. Look at my two lads - they’ve shown it and proved it.”