New bags will raise dementia awareness

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COLOURFUL pharmacy bags will help spread the word about a new campaign to help those with dementia.

South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust’s The Right Prescription Campaign aims to reduce the use of anti-psychotic medicines in demential.

Now special pharmacy bags have been designed with colourful artwork to display important messages about the campaign.

Anti-psychotics are a group of medicines often used to treat people with mental health conditions such as schizophrenia. They have also frequently be used to treat people with dementia – which, for some patients, may be a successful method of treatment but which do cause side effects.

Bosses at the trust said the drugs should only be used when really needed and have urged people to get a review of their prescription.

Mubashshir Fazlee, the trust’s principal pharmacist, said: “We are working in partnership with local GPs, care homes and pharmacies to help spread the message about this campaign.

“People living with dementia may be taking anti-psychotic medication they no longer need.

“While it would have been correctly prescribed initially, there could be other alternatives available.

“We urge people to look out for the special pharmacy bags in their local pharmacy and find out more about the campaign.”

For more information on The Right Prescription Campaign, visit or ask a GP or health professional for a medication review.