NHS Trust apologise after ‘tragic event’ left four-year-old with lifelong brain damage

Four-year-old Travis Goddard was left with lifelong brain damage after a 'tragic event' during his birth.
Four-year-old Travis Goddard was left with lifelong brain damage after a 'tragic event' during his birth.

The Calderdale and Huddersfield Foundation Trust has apologised for a ‘tragic event’ during a birth that has left a four-year-old boy with lifelong brain damage.

Travis Goddard, from Almondbury, has quadriplegic cerebral palsy - which gives him limited movement in his four limbs - and is now completely dependent on 24-hour care because of the delay in transferring his mum from Huddersfield Family Birth Centre to Calderdale Royal Hospital at the time of his birth, November 14, 2010, which has starved his brain from oxygen.

Travis was left in distress during the delivery when he was born with his umbilical cord around his neck and right arm and needed to be resuscitated.

The delay caused his brain to be starved of oxygen and he is suffering with cerebral palsy, learning difficulties, feeding problems and visibility problems.

Dedicated mum Nicola Davenport has spoken out about her relief after the NHS Trust admitted liability, stating that if Travis had been born quicker the brain injury could have been avoided.

Nicola, 33, said: “Travis’ birth was very traumatic and we were just devastated when we found out that because of the actions of the hospital Travis has been left severely brain damaged. We are blessed that he is with us and he is such an adorable boy however his care is constant and until the admission was made we were his primary carers.

“Crossroads have been good and provided a couple of hours a week to help but now I am getting a couple of carers to help at various times of the day to allow Travis the best care and to give me more time as his Mum rather than carer. I have now set up a Facebook support group for other mums to help and support them.

“I am so relieved that the Trust has accepted responsibility for the mistakes made when Travis was born. It gives us the peace of mind that we will be able to provide him with the very best care for the rest of his life.

“I truly hope the NHS has learned from what happened to Travis so that other families don’t have to suffer the same ordeal we have been through.”

Nicola instructed Irwin Mitchell - specialist medical negligence lawyers - to investigate he matter and managed to secure an early admission. Now, paving the way for lifetime care and a rehabilitation package to be agreed.

Director of Nursing at Calderdale Royal Hospital, Julie Dawes, said: “We reiterate our sincere apologies to the Goddard family. We have learned important lessons from this tragic event which have allowed us to make changes to ensure this does not happen to any other child.”

Sarah Coles, a specialist medical negligence lawyer at Irwin Mitchell’s Leeds office representing the family, said: “It was a huge relief for Travis’ mum that the Trust made an early admission admitted that they could have done more to prevent his brain damage. As a result of the Trusts early admission, it allows Travis to obtain as much support and therapy sooner rather than later and has paved the way for us to agree a lifetime care and rehabilitation package that reflects his complex care needs.

“Travis cannot care for himself and requires 24-hour care and whilst his mum has shown complete dedication in looking after him, this is exhausting and we are setting up the support of one-to-one care and specialist rehabilitation services to ensure he thrives to his full potential and to support his mum.

“It is essential that NHS Trusts ensure their maternity services are set up with sufficient staff and training to give mums and their babies the best and safest care possible.”