Opposition grows against proposals to close Calderdale A&E

Calderdale Royal Hospital
Calderdale Royal Hospital

The outcry over NHS proposals to cut Calderdale Royal Hospital’s accident and emergency department is clear for all to see.

Members of the public have taken to social media to voice their concerns and there is an online petition which has received more than 3,000 signatures in just two days.

Councillors heard a list of five proposals from the Calderdale and Greater Huddersfield Health and Social Care Strategic Review at a meeting of the adults, health and social care scrutiny panel on Tuedsay evening.

The review board’s preferred option is to have 24 hour accident and emergency provision in Huddersfield with Calderdale as a centre for ‘planned’ care.

Councillors have expressed their concerns and the public is being urged to sign the e-petition “Hands off Calderdale A&E” which has been started at the government’s direct.gov.uk website.

The NHS reforms come in the wake of the Keogh review and will see net efficiency savings of £50 million.

Doctors who made up the review board say the extra distance to travel to Huddersfield Royal Infirmary equates to an extra 12 minutes in an ambulance.

The preferred model is one of two hospitals with one providing unplanned care and the other planned care.

If Calderdale Royal Hospital was chosen as the planned care site, as is the review’s preference, then the hospital would lose A&E and be left with a minor injury unit. Complex maternity care, gynaecology and neonatal intensive care would also move to the unplanned site (Huddersfield).

As part of this model Todmorden Health Centre would be set for improvements as a community hub in keeping with the review’s proposals to reduce the burden on hospital’s by increasing community care and encouraging individuals to take more responsibility for their health.

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Sign the petition at epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/61484