Over 10 per cent of Calderdale people walk to work

Trinity Road, Halifax
Trinity Road, Halifax

Across the district around 10.500 people travel to work on foot out of a 96,000-strong workforce.

The 10.8 per cent figure for Calderdale is slightly above the national average of 10.7 per cent and lower than the Yorkshire figure of 11.8 per cent.

Scarborough has the highest proportion of residents who commute on foot at 21.9 per cent with Rotherham the lowest on 8 per cent.

Nationally, the number of people walking to work has increased by more than 9 per cent in the past decade, according to the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy.

The CSP has now called for more people to get active on their commute and for councils to help them as part of public health responsibilities.

“Clearly, some people need to use transport, but even then there are easy ways to build exercise into that journey - park further away from the office or get off the bus a stop early,” said Dr Helena Johnson, chairwoman of the CSP.

“Councils must do their part by promoting safe and enjoyable walking routes and removing some of the barriers that prevent people from getting exercise.

“Britain is facing an obesity crisis that is fuelled by inactivity. It is essential for the health of the nation that people find time to exercise and hopefully these statistics are an encouraging sign that the message is getting through.”

In addition to 2,846,500 walkers nationally, another 762,000 people cycle to work which is also an increase since the last survey in 2001.

The third annual CSP Workout at Work Day is on June 12 when physiotherapists run events in workplaces to show people how to squeeze exercise into busy lives.