Peter the Moleman brings EU battle to Halifax

Protest: Peter Brown in Halifax town centre
Protest: Peter Brown in Halifax town centre

MOLEMAN Peter Brown brought his campaign against European bureaucracy onto the streets of Halifax.

He says he lost his business due to EU rules which banned the use of strychnine to destroy moles under its biocide directive despite it being used for decades under Acts of Parliament.

Since the 2006 ruling he has been backed by the UK Independence Party which supported him last year when he addressed the EU Petitions Committee.

Mr Brown, of Oldham, was worked on 15 farms in the Upper Calder Valley and others across Yorkshire and Lancashire.

Moles can contaminate silage and strychnine poisoning has been favoured for it had been cost effective over large areas.

Mr Brown said the ban had been unfairly applied and proper research had not been carried out.

He said his publicity campaign was winning support for a review as all the implications hadn’t been considered before the ban.

“There was no impact study and the EU should not be banning something without one,” said Mr Brown.