See a GP if you have memory worries

New figures have shown a five per cent increase in the diagnosis of people with dementia in Calderdale in 2012.

National diagnosis rates - compiled by the Alzhiemer’s Society and Tesco - show in Calderdale, 1,018 were diagnosed in 2011, climbing to 1,171 in 2012.
But the research also shows more than half of the estimated total of people with dementia in Calderdale - 2,471 people in 2012 - remain undiagnosed.

Alzheimer’s Society has launched a ‘Worried about your memory?’ campaign to encourage people to seek help early to boost the chance of an early diagnosis.
Richard Chesmond, of the society in Calderdale, said: “Many people feel worried or afraid about asking for help for their memory problems. But if you are concerned about dementia, it is important to speak to your GP. You should seek help without delay if your memory is not as good as it used to be.”

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