Sensational weight loss for super slimmer Dave

Fat man turned skinny, David Hunt, pictured at Slimming World, Pellon Baptist Church, Spring Hall Lane.
Fat man turned skinny, David Hunt, pictured at Slimming World, Pellon Baptist Church, Spring Hall Lane.
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A Halifax man, who tipped the scales at 26 stones, has made it to the national finals of a slimmer of the year contest after shedding half his body weight.

Halifax carer 35-year old Dave Hunt has lost almost 13 stone

through dieting – going from 26 stone 6lbs to 13 stone 9lbs.

The huge transformation followed super-slimmer Dave signing up to a Slimming World programme two years ago which saw his diet dramatically change.

Rather than the guzzling crisp sandwiches, pies, beers and biscuits, he began watching what he ate and turned to more healthy options such as lean meats, noodles and fruit and vegetables.

Dave, of Ovenden, will now join 41 other men from across the UK in attending Slimming World’s Man of the Year national final on Sunday - the only entrant short-listed from West Yorkshire.

Dave, who had been overweight since he was 13 and was diagnosed with multiple blood clots on both lungs at 18, said he made the decision that enough was enough following a bout of depression triggered by his condition.

He said: “I was just getting bigger and bigger. I noticed my jeans size I was a 44 waist and then about six to eight months I was a 52 inch waist, then I went up another two inches and I thought I’m going to die so I did something about it.

Fifteen years ago Dave was offered stomach stapling by his doctor, but after being told he had only a 30 per cent chance of surviving the operation, he refused treatment.

Dave said that since joining the slimming club he has gone on to take up walking, swimming and mountain biking.

He said: “I just joined to lose weight. I feel like a million quid I really do. I’m a lot fitter than I used to be.

“19 long years I have struggled with my weight although I didn’t really know any different as I had always been fat.”

Dave said he was still sticking to the manageable routine.

He said: “You can’t stop, if you stop you’re going to go back to where you were and I’m not going to go back to where I was.

“You can still eat plenty with being on a diet. Diets aren’t all that bad. From what I used to eat it’s completely different but you can still eat more or less what you fancy.

“Just get the courage and determination. If you want to lose the weight it will come off you’ve just got to be determined to get it off.”

Dave is still a regular attendee at the Holmfield Slimming World group in Halifax which runs every Thursday at St Andrews Church, Beechwood Road, Holmfield at 9.30am, 11.30am, 5pm and 7pm.

Pre-slim diet: Breakfast – egg sandwiches made with four fried eggs and eight slices of bread, washed down with full sugar coke.

Lunch – Crisp sandwiches made with six slices of bread and butter with a packet of biscuits.

Tea – Stew and dumplings with pie, chips and beans, followed by pizza and chips or curry and rice with giant naan breads.

Post-tea snack (at the pub) – Chips, burger, pie and peas washed down with pints of lager.

Supper – Takeaway or fridge-raid of pork pies, crisps and biscuits.

Trimmed down diet: Breakfast – two Weetabix, two Muller Light yoghurt’s and some strawberries.

Lunch – Mug Shot Pasta with some wholegrain cracker breads.

Tea – Cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower and smoked premium ham.