Sporting soprano Lizzie Jones celebrates 70 years of the NHS

Lizzie Jones
Lizzie Jones

Sporting Soprano’ Lizzie Jones has been helping to celebrate the NHS’s 70th birthday today by taking part in a vintage photoshoot and interview for a special edition of NHS Leeds CCG’s magazine.

She spoke about the Danny Jones Defibrillator Fund, which she set up after her husband, professional rugby league player Danny Jones, died following a cardiac arrest during a rugby game.

The former Halifax and Welsh International had undetected heredity heart disease.

During her interview, Lizzie also spoke about why she loves the NHS. She said, “When I was in hospital for two weeks with the twins, the staff were incredible.

"Being a mum, I love the NHS because I know that if the worst possible thing happened, and if we need it, it’s there and it’s available. I think we all need to realise how precious (the NHS) is.

“I’m very proud that the Danny Jones Defibrillator Fund works alongside the NHS to teach first aid to children in secondary schools and hopefully helping the NHS by teaching children and changing the future if we can.”

Lizzie has successfully campaigned to make screening mandatory at rugby league competitions and fundraised over £80,000 to provide defibrillators for community sports clubs all over the country.

Philomena Corrigan, Chief Executive at NHS Leeds CCG said: “We are really pleased that Lizzie is celebrating 70 years of the NHS with us. The birthday is a great opportunity to reflect on the past 70 years and how we can support the NHS for its future.

“As individuals we can all play our part by looking after ourselves and making healthy lifestyle choices. We can also reduce pressure on the NHS by choosing the right service – like choosing to visit a pharmacist for minor illnesses. It’s also a great opportunity to recognise and thank our extraordinary NHS staff.”