Superfit Sally has her sights set on the top

Sally Knights
Sally Knights

SUPERFIT Sally Knights has proved a force to be reckoned with in her first year of bodybuilding.

The 34-year-old, of Martin Court, Queensbury, was named top ‘toned figure’ in Yorkshire in her first every competition at the end of last year.

And this year she will set her sights on qualifying for the British championships in amateur bodybuilding.

Sally decided to have a go herself after seeing a competition while supporting a friend who was a bodybuilder.

She said: “I’d always wanted to do it. Then I went to this competition and thought ‘I can do that’.

“I have to diet and really push my body hard. I try to eat a good six or seven meals a day.

“It’s mainly protein and low carbs. I diet down about 20 weeks before a competition - to lose body fat.

“Off-season I try to put a bit of weight on because it’s not healthy for a woman to stay that low on carbs.

“I eat every three hours, to keep my metabolism going.”

An example of Sally’s off-season diet is:

8.30am 75g oats with water and honey

11.30am - chicken and potato

2.30pm - tuna on two slices of wholemeal bread (no butter)

5pm scoop protein powder with water, banana, half a tin of low fat rice pudding

8.30pm protein drink and carb drink, three whole eggs, scrambled or boiled.

When she’s dieting, Sally said she eats half as much breakfast and substitutes potato and bread for sweet potato.

Sally, who runs her own hairdressing business in Bradford, trains at DW Fitness in Halifax for at least an hour a day, five days a week, with a mix of cardio and weight training.

She said she doesn’t worry about the effect on her body: “I don’t smoke or drink so I think health-wise I could be doing far worse.

“I get a few funny looks. I think it can be off-putting but, because I’m only small, I’m still quite feminine. I think it’s when you start getting bigger.

“But I think if you want to do something, no-one should try to stop you.”

Sally plans to compete in the north-east heats in May, held in Castleford.

She said: “I’m just going to see how this year goes. My main goal was to stand on a stage next to the other girls and think ‘Yes, I’m as good as these’. And I’ve done that.

“I’m going to carry on with the toned classes. I really want to qualify for Britain. The top six qualify for Miss Universe.”