Take a good look - before they disappear from view

Faisal Ali at Smokers Corner in the Halifax Borough Market
Faisal Ali at Smokers Corner in the Halifax Borough Market
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SUPERMARKETS have been pulling down the shutters and hiding tobacco products from view to meet new legislation.

Today, the Government’s ban on displaying tobacco products in large retail stores came into effect.

Stores over 3,000 sq ft have to hide cigarettes and tobacco products under the counter or in closed cabinets.

The Government believes that will change attitudes to smoking and reduce the promotion of products.

Large display cabinets are still in place - but behind closed doors - and customers know they contain tobacco products.

The Tesco store on Market Street, Halifax, now has its tobacco products behind white doors on which are notices stating: “tobacco on sale here.”

And, the frequency at which tobacco is bought means they are being opened and shut constantly and putting tobacco on view to smokers and non-smokers.

Smaller retailers have been ordered to comply with the ban by April 6, 2015.

Faisal Ali, who works at Smokers’’ Corner, Halifax Borough Market, remains unconvinced by the Government’s stance.

“What people want they will ask for, they do not need to look,” he said. Shop workers faced more hassle because of the ban but he didn’t think it would hit his shop hard in 2015.

“Hiding stock on shelves won’t put people off and shopkeepers will write the prices down on paper,” he said.

The ban has been criticised by the British Retail Consortium which said there was no evidence to suggest hiding products reduced the number of smokers.