Three days’ salt in one takeaway

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TAKEAWAY fans in Calderdale are being warned to watch for high levels of salt in their favourite food.

Tests on takeaways by West Yorkshire Trading Standards and the West Yorkshire Public Analyst showed nearly half contained more than six grams of salt –- the maximum daily intake for an adult.

The average Chinese takeaway contains seven grams of salt, with one sample of special chow mein including a massive 20.1 grams – three times the recommended daily intake. The survey team are warning that excess salt can lead to increased blood pressure and risk of a stroke.

All the takeaways found to be exceeding the recommended salt targets are being offered advice to reduce salt levels.

The team say responses so far have been mixed. Some claim they get complaints if the food is not salty enough.

Graham Hebble-thwaite, chief officer of West Yorkshire Joint Services, said: “It doesn’t cost anything to reduce salt levels.

“If it is done gradually consumers will not notice the difference.”

Bryan Smith, deputy chairman of the Trading Standards Committee, added: “This message goes out to the customers as well as the take-away owners.

“If more consumers ask for lower salt options this would help drive salt levels down generally.

“Speak to the owner of your local take-away and ask him what he is doing to improve the nutritional quality of his meals.

“Takeaways do not have to be unhealthy.”

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