Twins complete IVF family

The Fox family
The Fox family

Happy couple Richard and Emma Fox are brimming with joy now they are the proud parents of three boys.

Charlie and Archie arrived on May 31 and followed three-year-old Finley and all resulted from IVF treatment.

The family is now complete but just a few years ago that seemed a dream too far.

Richard and Emma had tried for a baby for several years without success.

Tests revealed he had a blocked tube and surgery was unsucessful so his sperm was was injected into eggs to allow fertilisation.

The couple, of Savile Park, Halifax, underwent four bouts of treatment and Emma became pregnant on the second and fourth occasions.

And, on the fourth time Emma gave some of her eggs away to another woman - which also reduces treatment costs - and she is now pregnant.

“I love being a mum and it’s a great feeling knowing that another woman can now have children,” said Emma, 26.

Richard, 35, who works at Swinton Insurance, Mixenden, Halifax, said the first treatment was free and when that didn’t work it was heartbreaking.

“The heartache was unbelievable but we sat down, had our cries, and picked ourselves up to try again,” he said.

“The message to others is it might seem like a never-ending road but never give up hope.”

The twins’ are doing fine and only waking once during the night.

They were born with help from staff at CARE Fertility in Manchester and the Calderdale Royal Hospital’s satellite IVF treatment facilities where patients’ have routine monitoring such as scans and blood tests.

Egg collection, embryology lab work and embryo transfer took place in Manchester.

“CARE Manchester has a close working relationship with the fertility unit at Calderdale,” said Mark Sedler, of CARE.

“Emma and Richard’s success is a great example of this partnership.”

The couple say the £4,000 spent on treatment has given them three precious gifts that money could not buy.