Unique heart op saves farmer

Clair Bell, Christopher Green and Dr Jeremy Butts
Clair Bell, Christopher Green and Dr Jeremy Butts

A new open heart surgery procedure has been carried out for the first time in Calderdale on a Lightcliffe farmer.

The new technique to unclog completely blocked arteries was carried out on Chris Green at Calderdale Royal Hospital on September 29, World Heart Day.

The procedure carried out by Dr Jeremy Buttswill now be available for coronary patients in Calderdale and Huddersfield.

Mr Green, 68, had two heart attacks in March this year - the first after returning to his home after lambing a ewe.

He was rushed to hospital where he suffered a second heart attack that left him close to death.

Stents were fitted in one artery but he had another blockage that needed further treatment.

He recalled the day after lambing a ewe. He said: “It was early and I had just got in after lambing when I felt this enormous pain. It was like someone was crushing me. I have never had such pain.

“Dr Butts undertook emergency stenting and opened one blocked blood vessel but I also had another which was completely blocked. Now that all the blockages have been treated I am looking forward to things.

“It’s amazing technology and it is just marvellous what I can already do so soon afterwards.”

The operation used specialist equipment called a CrossBoss and Stingray to pass stents down the side of a serious blockage.

Dr Jonathan Hill from Kings College Hospital, an experienced interventional cardiologist and expert in the use of the new device, joined Dr Butts for the day.

Many patients have blocked blood vessels but for technical, medical or personal reasons are not suitable candidates for bypass surgery.

The new technique increases the likelihood of successful stenting, offering patients a greater range of options.

The minimally invasive procedure can take up to four hours and is performed though a small tube in the wrist or groin. The patient is usually fit to leave after an overnight stay in hospital, compared to a week’s stay after open heart surgery.

Dr Butts said: “This is a significant improvement for patients and we are very pleased we can offer it locally. It is highly rewarding to see patients with no ongoing angina, allowing them to return to the things that they enjoy.

“At the trust we continuously embrace new techniques and technologies to deliver the best angioplasty options for our patients.”