Why I’m proud John was an organ donor

Elaine Young, whose husband John chose to donate his organs
Elaine Young, whose husband John chose to donate his organs

A WIDOW whose husband’s organs were donated after his death is backing a new campaign.

Elaine Young’s husband John died from a brain haemorrhage at just 57.

the late John Young (OBIT)'(archived 16/02/2011)

the late John Young (OBIT)'(archived 16/02/2011)

She and their three children had no doubt about his final wishes to donate his organs –which helped people all over the country, including a young mum and a father of two.

Mrs Young, 57, of Norwood Green, is now backing an online campaign by Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Foundation Trust to get families to discuss the issue so each knows the other’s wishes.

She said: “When the doctor approached me, there was no decision to be made. John had made his feelings regarding organ donation very clear and we respected his wishes. I know he’d have been disappointed if we hadn’t done what he wanted.

“The staff at the hospital were brilliant. The doctor raised the subject very sensitively and I have never doubted, regretted or questioned that decision and we remain immeasurably proud of John.”

In Halifax and Huddersfield, 67 people are currently awaiting a donor organ – most for a kidney.

The trust has a specialist nurse Rachel Wiseman and clinical lead Dr Peter Hall who will head the campaign to try to help save more lives through donation.

Dr Hall said: “If I could magically change one thing to help save more lives, it would be to make sure everyone took a few minutes to let their family know their wishes regarding organ donation.”

Mrs Wiseman added: “It is often difficult for families to make that decision when they did not know their loved one’s wishes.

“I urge everyone to have these discussions with loved ones now.”

l The Trust’s website at www.cht.nhs.uk has new information about all areas of organ and tissue donation with a direct link for people to join the donor register.