Yoga meditation can give your mind the kind of holiday it needs

Yoga instructor Adele Wills, who is starting classes at Copley Cricket Club.
Yoga instructor Adele Wills, who is starting classes at Copley Cricket Club.
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With the fast pace of modern day culture, it can seem nearly impossible to maintain any sense of balance in our lives. We rush from one thing to another, work long hours in the office that can often continue into the home, juggle and multi task from morning til night with work, our families and life planning. So it’s no wonder we feel frazzled and out of kilter with our inner harmony.

As a new mum I’ve certainly experienced my fair share of imbalance, as having a baby changes everything as you know it. Learning to adapt and re-address my work-life balance became an essential journey towards my new found happiness and inner harmony. The nuggets of which I’d like to share in this month’s column.

Yoga paves the way for inner harmony

Making the time for yoga, whether at home or in a class, creates a framework for a life-long pathway to inner harmony. How you may ask? Well the answer is threefold:

1.Yoga allows you to stop: I mean really stop. Stop your thoughts, your deliberations, your worries, your ideas, your planning… it all stops. This doesn’t come easily but with regular practice this is what you can expect to achieve and enjoy. It feels like a holiday for your mind, and after just an hour of practice you can feel like you’ve had a two week break

2.Yoga is a mind-body experience: unlike any other exercise/sport. With yoga you enjoy aligning the mind and body with the breath. When this is practised correctly you’ll enjoy a content meditative state which then creates ‘clarity’ and ‘perspective’. Yoga dusts away the cobwebs so you can see more clearly.

3.Yoga is about you: you enjoy your own practice. There’s no competitiveness in yoga, simply the desire to find and develop your own practice to be the best you can be. When you stop looking outwards and enjoy looking inwards, you’re well on the way to inner harmony.

So no matter what your reason for feeling an imbalance and lack of inner harmony, Yoga is a life tool which can bring your harmony back.

Namaste, Adele x

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