Young Amelie Gledhill from Elland helping other ill children

Amelie Gledhill with mum Anne Gledhill.
Amelie Gledhill with mum Anne Gledhill.

A brave girl from Elland with a rare genetic disorder has been helping raise thousands for other ill youngsters.

Five-year-old Amelie Gledhill has Russell Silver Syndrome - a condition which limits her growth.

A fund was set up for Amelie, originally to buy her a new wheelchair, but her family have had such a huge response, they are now using it to help other children too.

An It’s A Knock Out day held at Hullen Edge Park in Elland in July collected £7,000 for the fund, which is now being shared out between youngsters Amelie has become friends with through her condition.

They are afive-year-old girl with cerebral palsy, a seven-year-old-girl and a five-year-old girl who also have Russell Silver Syndrome and a 14-year-old boy who has cerebral palsy, hydrocephalus and epilepsy.

The money will go towards helping them get round and play more independently and providing much-needed equipment.

Amelie’s mum Anne said: “As a parent, you want to do everything possible for your children. When their needs are too big for you to cope with it is very difficult to swallow pride and ask for help. We want to raise money to help Amelie live in a world that wasn’t made for her.

“We’ve had so much help from everyone, it’s a wonderful feeling to give something back and help other people.”

Amelie also suffers from hip, spine, stomach and bowel problems. She is in and out of hospital and has undergone five surgeries on her hip so far.

This month she started her second year at Old Earth Primary School in Elland where her mum says she has made lots of friends.

In October, a team are planning to complete the Three Peaks Challenge with ironing boards strapped to their backs for Amelie’s fund.

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