Helen on her bike in India to fight poverty

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A banking design manager from Halifax has returned from a cycle trip to India raising funds to fight disease, poverty and prejudice.

Helen Harrower, 52, who designs training materials for high street banking staff, spent two weeks in India travelling 500km on her bike following staff of the international health charity LEPRA.

Each year LEPRA reaches more than one million people with life-saving health information, trains government health staff and improves the lives of a further 700,000 people affected by disease poverty and prejudice

“As you travel from village to village, town to town you are struck by the general poverty. Meeting people my fundraising will help and hearing their stories was overwhelming,” said Helen.

“The whole experience was very humbling.

“Now that I am back I just can’t stop thinking about India. We met a father and two little girls who have leprosy. They live under a tarpaulin. With funding from LEPRA they are getting treatment from a local leprosy hospital and the girls will be able to get access to education and go on to lead normal lives.”