Help at hand for Husky

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An 18-month-old Halifax rescue Husky needs the public’s help.

When Cody the Husky (pictured) was found he was severely underweight and malnourished but he was nursed back to health by 8 Below Husky Rescue.

Now Cody has found a new home with his foster mum Nicky, but sadly needs surgery to be able to run and play like other rescue dogs.

Paul Myhowycz, a fundraiser for 8 Below Husky Rescue, said: “Cody is a fantastic bouncy dog and he has an amazing foster home with his mum Nicky.

“However all is not well. His knees are in a terrible state and will need extensive surgery and pysiotherapy.”

8 Below Husky Rescue have launched a fundraising campaign to help pay Cody’s vets bills, which could amount to as much as £10,000 in total.

Mr Myhowycz said: “This is not a decision we are taking lightly and we are aware that some people will not agree with spending so much on one dog.

“However, we strongly believe we have a duty of care for every dog we bring in and will do all we can to give Cody the chance he needs to live a long and healthy life.”