Help to tackle speeding drivers

Mount Pellon Junior & Infant School, Battinson Road, Halifax, speed checking vehicles outside their school.
Mount Pellon Junior & Infant School, Battinson Road, Halifax, speed checking vehicles outside their school.

People across Calderdale are taking action to tackle the problem of speeding in the borough.

Pupils from Mount Pellon Primary Academy, Battinson Road, Halifax, joined in the fight against irresponsible drivers outside their school.

The school launched a campaign to promote road safety awareness among its pupils - and the wider area.

As part of the campaign, pupils, along with Calderdale’s road safety department, checked the speed of vehicles driving past the school.

Israr Hussain, learning mentor at the school, said: “It really worked and a lot of cars slowed down and we got a really positive reaction from parents.

“Outside the school we see speeding, parents parking on zig-zags and children not wearing seatbelts. It is dangerous and it is a problem.

“It’s something we see on a regular basis and we’re hoping to carry on the campaign and encourage PCSO’s and traffic wardens to come up.

“For the children, it’s making them realise that speeding is dangerous and raising awareness so that when they grow up they will be responsible adults, good members of the community and set a good example.”

And in Todmorden, a Facebook page encouraging residents to help eradicate dangerous driving is already making a positive impact on the town’s roads.

Glenn Kendall started the “Keep Tod’s Roads Safe” page last month and it has already attracted 784 members.

The aim of the page is to encourage local residents to join and report instances of bad, or dangerous, driving and parking.

This is done by recording the vehicle make, type and registration number and then passing it to Mr Kendall’s admin team for publication on the group’s page.

He said: “The idea is to name and shame these people, and the police are monitoring the page too, which means we are acting as their eyes and ears.

“My message to anyone driving round Todmorden, be they resident or visitor, is it’s like having 784 part-time, mobile speed cameras round town watching you. And it works.

“I am in regular contact with the police and they report that a noticeable positive difference has been made in Todmorden.”