Help us build a garden for baby Alice

Alice Hake, one, with mum Gail Broadbent and dad Aaron Hake.
Alice Hake, one, with mum Gail Broadbent and dad Aaron Hake.

The parents of baby Alice are fundraising to build a sensory garden for their little girl who was born with an incurable brain condition.

Gail Broadbent, 32, and Aaron Hake, 25, of Huddersfield Road, Halifax, said they were in denial when they first discovered their first-born-child was diagnosed with Microcephaly; with a quarter of her brain missing and her existing brain not being fused properly.

But Gail, a children’s playworker, and Aaron, Alice’s full-time carer, say they wanted to get a label on their daughter’s condition to know how best to deal with it, in going forward.

Gail said: “She is our happy little girl. We want to build the garden to help our little girl develop as best we can.”

Alice, who is one on Sunday, loves to be outside where her auditory and touch senses can be stimulated and it is the hope of her parents that they can transform their garden into a fully accessible and equipped sensory and stimulative £5,000 garden with a lowered sand pit, Astro-Turf, wind chimes, scented flowers and a special swing for Alice.

On June 21, Aaron and a team of family, friends and former colleagues will cycle 65 miles from Blackpool to Halifax to raise money to build the sensory garden.

Aaron said: “I decided to put my energy into something positive after feeling down for a time. Alice will be our driving force and we hope to raise as much as we can.”

Alice, who cannot be put down due to her muscle tone and needs daily physiotherapy care and regular medical appointments, requires special equipment and Alice and Aaron say this comes at a cost they are struggling to afford.

To donate search ‘Go fund me Alice’s Wonderful Garden’