Help us to ban the goldfish bowls, MP Linda is urged

AN animal charity is calling on MP Linda Riordan to help ban the traditional goldfish bowl in Halifax.

The Four Paws charity is demanding that Mrs Riordan backs the bid to end their life of suffering in bowls which the charity says do not hold sufficient oxygen. Four Paws director Johanna Stadler said: “Keeping goldfish in a confined bowl can stunt growth.

“Goldfish need a large tank with tank-mates to interact with, objects like plants and rocks to play with and a variety of food. A healthy goldfish, kept in prime conditions, may have a lifespan of up to 20 years or more.

“We wouldn’t dream of keeping puppies or kittens in a tiny space so why is it acceptable to confine fish in tiny bowls? Goldfish deserve our compassion.”

Mrs Riordan said she supported the ban. “I don’t think it is acceptable to confine fish to tiny glass bowls, so I support any measure to ban these smaller bowls.

“Four Paws does some fantastic work and I hope they are successful.”