Here: Have a £2m reward

Calderdale is on track to receive an extra £2.6 million for meeting Government targets to improve the lives of local people.

The council and its partners have performed well in almost every field – employment, education, the environment, health and housing.

The only area where they have struggled is in increasing new businesses that survive longer than a year.

Calderdale Council leader Janet Battye, who is also chairwoman of the Calderdale Forward Board, said: “The partnership is committed to improving the lives of everyone and it is a measure of that commitment that we have secured this money.”

When the targets were originally set, the board was promised a £6.3 million reward if it could meet them in full.

The Government slashed the figure by half but partners are still entitled to 83 per cent of the remaining amount.

How it will be spent has still to be decided.

Overall, 10 out of 14 targets have been met in full and three more have achieved more than 60 per cent.

The partnership’s “back to work” scheme helped 61 people find jobs.

Projects to support young people have led to a higher percentage gaining qualifications and an increase in the GCS/VCE average points score. Carbon dioxide emissions have been slashed and more waste is being recycled.

More than 2,500 people dependent on alcohol were helped, around 1,500 people were helped to lose weight and more than 4,500 quit smoking.

People aged 65 and over were helped to stay independent, payment support systems were improved and 7,852 households were helped to keep warm.

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