Here's how many vegan sausage rolls have been sold in Halifax Greggs stores today

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Vegan sausage rolls have proven a huge hit with hungry Halifax folk today, with staff at one town centre Greggs store expecting to completely sell out of the ethical treat by 3pm.

Well over 100 had been sold between the two town centre outlets by 2pm this afternoon, with the Woolshops store expecting to sell out of their 80 helpings by mid-afternoon.

The sales follow a social media rant by daytime television presenter Piers Morgan in which he claimed 'Nobody was waiting for a vegan bloody sausage', brandishing Greggs 'PC-ravaged clowns' for stocking the item.

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Gillian Hinchliffe, who works at the Corn Market store, said: "They've sold very well. Lots of people have been coming in asking for them.

"It's January, which means people are trying to look after themselves a bit better, and at the end of the day we should be trying to be a bit better with that sort of thing."

And how do they taste? Our reporter said: "Not bad, and certainly not a world away from the 'real' Greggs sausage rolls I'm a big fan of.

"The pastry was a different and the 'meat' tasted pretty good, if maybe a little bit mushy. But it was certainly less greasy than the original. I'm impressed!"

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