Hockney gives Jacob’s sketch the thumbs up

AN ARTY nine-year-old’s take on a David Hockney masterpiece was given the stamp of approval – by the man himself.

Creative Jacob Crabtree is a big fan of the feted Yorkshire painter, whose famous work Bigger Trees Near Warter he sketched on a family trip to York Art Gallery.

So he was stunned when he bumped into his hero outside the exhibition – and had his copy signed by the artist.

Jacob said: “I was playing tig with my brother Joel outside and then walking out of the gallery was David Hockney.

“I said ‘Excuse me, Mr Hockney, but please will you sign my sketch?’ He said ‘Very well, this is very good’, and he wrote ‘Very good’ and ‘DH’ on the top of it.

“It made me feel really, really, really proud. I like a lot of his paintings and I think he’s a really good painter.”

Jacob, a pupil at St Mary’s Primary School in Mill Bank, hopes to follow in Hockney’s brushstrokes and become an artist himself one day.

“I think art is amazing. I really love it,” he said.

The youngster has given his prized picture to his grandma for her birthday.

He was visiting the gallery with his grandparents, parents, his brother Joel, six, who also sketched the picture, and their older brother Joseph, 14. They had travelled to York especially to see the painting, which is on loan from London’s Tate gallery.

Painted in oils on 50 separate canvases, it is Bradford-born Hockney’s biggest ever work and measures in total 15ft by 40ft. It depicts a grey day in Yorkshire and has been valued at £10 million.

Jacob’s mum Martine, vicar of Sowerby, said: “I was so proud of Jacob for having the guts to go up and speak to him.

“He is probably the most famous British painter alive today and he’s from Yorkshire as well, which is extra special.”

l Bigger Trees Near Warter is in York until June 12.