Hollywood calls for acting twins Carl and Kelvin

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Twins Carl and Kelvin Wolfenden are treading the red carpets and taking in the spotlight as they look to build on their acting careers after moving to Hollywood at the age of 17.

The former Hipperholme and Lightcliffe High School pupils took the brave decision to say goodbye to their friends and family and travel 5,000 miles to Los Angeles in pursuit of their acting dream.

Dad Richard Wolfenden said their passion for the arts was there for all to see since the age of 11.

“They did their first professional filming for Granada Television at the age of 11 years old, this made their minds up immediately what career they were determined and destined to pursue.

“The television program was done by Granada for The Geographical Channel, Naked science and it features people like Professor Hawkins in it.

“They have been totally focused and dedicated from there on in and we have been pestered to bits all the time about going to the States to continue their career.

“When they were 11 and 12 they would go to bed and leave us messages all the time on the stares saying when are we going to America.”

The boys from Shelf spent five years performing with The Actors Workshop in Halifax performing in four public shows a year including pieces of work from to diverse plays such as Clockwork Orange.

The twins were picked up straight away when they flew out to the United States.

Christopher Montgomery, the CEO and founder of Prodigy Talent company based in LA in the centre of Hollywood Boulevard right in the middle of the famous walk of fame, quickly spotted their talent and skills and signed them up.

“My wife and myself decided to back them hole heartedly because they were so dedicated and focused from such an early age, so we allowed them to travel to the States and to continue their chosen career at only the early age of 17,” said dad Richard.

“Of course we miss them to bits and are so very proud of what they have achieved, but we decided we could not stand in the way of such passion and dedication.

“We do however keep in regular touch by Skype messenger and telephone.”

After celebrating their first year in Hollywood, the twins now have a national McDonalds commercial under their belt they are set to star in two new major up and coming feature films, and chosen for key roles in another film which is confidential and to be announced shortly.