Hollywood star Idris Elba breaks record thanks to our Trevor

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A Brighouse racer has helped a Hollywood star smash an 88-year-old driving record by travelling 180.361mph over a measured mile.

Trevor Duckworth part of the Straightliners organisation was part of the team that helped actor Idris Elba break Sir Malcolm Campbell’s 1927 mile record.

Trevor Duckworth going for the world record of building the world's fastest toilet. Pictured with Paul Cumpstone

Trevor Duckworth going for the world record of building the world's fastest toilet. Pictured with Paul Cumpstone

The television and movie star was taking part in the Discovery Channel’s programme No Limits and he had to cover a one-mile distance beating an average speed of 174.8mph.

He blasted across the Pendine stands in Wales in a £175,000 Bentley Continental GT to beat the mark thanks to Mr Duckworth.

He said: “Straightliners and our sister company the UK Timing Association where asked by the Discovery channel to help them with a Test Day at Elvington and the actual record attempt at Pendine Sands in Wales

“Straightliners did all the logistical preparation for both these events organising the venues permits insurance and medical cover

“UK Timing Association did the record ratification and timing and at Pendine had over a mile of cable out on the sand, a frightening thought with the tide on the turn and you have to get it all in our lose it.”

During the award winning actor’s practice runs, he was told about Trevor’s low three wheeler the Silver Bullet and was asked to bring it down to the track.

“When Idris saw the bike he just had to get on it so he laid down head first with the bike stationery.

“He then just could not resist having a go on it so off we went to the main runway and I gave him some very quick instruction on what not to do.

“So after only five minuets tuition we fired it up and got him ready.

“He went down the Elvington Runway through the speed trap and brought it to a safe stop.

“He had done 77.978mph - now that does not sound fast but laid flat-out head first and your nose four inches from the ground it feels like 500mph,

“When we caught up with him in the chase vehicle he was just grinning from ear to ear and he could not stop jumping up and down when we got him of the bike he said it was the most exhilarating and frightening thing he had ever done.

“The production crew had to stop him from having another go.”

Straightliners and the UK Timing crew got down to the beach to inspect the sand and start putting the event infrastructure in place.

Surveyors had to inspect the sand to measure the mile the team were going to use for the record.

“Idris slowly improved his speed over the day and had some scary moments along the way by putting too much power down too soon but he soon got the hang of it and went quicker on every pass down the mile until he had the new record in the bag.”